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The RSH Civil Engineering Department provides civil and structural design for a variety of engineering and construction projects. Projects include the design of buildings, equipment foundations, steel structures, concrete structures, equipment supports, pipe supports, utility bridges, compressor foundations, drainage, storm sewers, grading plans and other civil and structural facilities. RSH has an experienced staff of registered engineers, designers and drafters with many years of experience.

Projects include the structural analysis and design and preparation of detail engineering drawings for a variety of commercial and industrial projects. These projects involve the design of facilities using computer programs such as Micro Station, AutoCad, STAAD Pro, PCA MATS and PCA Column. Designs are made in compliance with the applicable codes and manuals including AISC, ACI, OHSA, ANSI, API, ASCE-7, and IBC.

Below are some of the services R-S-H can provide in the civil and structural engineering field:

 • Gas Compressor foundations and buildings along with the associated equipment and pipe supports.
 • Building and Equipment Foundations on soil bearing or pile foundations.
 • Steel and concrete structures including elevated floors, bridge crane systems and equipment supports.
 • Concrete structures for heavy or vibrating equipment and tank foundations.
 • Utility bridges and pipe supports.
 • Rail and truck loading and unloading facilities including platforms, rail car dumpers and truck dumpers.
 • Boiler buildings, Pulp Mill Buildings, Paper Machine buildings, Finishing Buildings, Wood Yard facilities including stacker reclaimers, hog and chip screening buildings, long wood stacking cranes, debarking and chipping facilities, and conveyors.
 • Bridge cranes, jib cranes and monorails.
 • Civil design and lay out of facilities including grading, drainage and facility roads.

Let RSH assist in satisfying your civil and structural design needs in both a timely and cost effective manner.

For more information, contact Roland McClure at rolandm@rsh.com

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