R-S-H Engineering

Investigative and Forensic Engineering

All of our investigations are led by a licensed professional engineer that is qualified to offer legal opinions regarding the case. Our engineers have the ability to piece together the complex chain of events through on-site investigation and thorough evaluation of the evidence at the scene. Through years of field-tested knowledge and design experience, our investigative engineering staff has proven they have the knowledge to analyze the details, big or small, of all aspects of the situation in order to determine the precise cause or failure. Our engineers are trained to apply theoretical understanding and analytical skills provide a clear and insightful investigation. They have been trained on courtroom, depostition, and legal procedures. They are trained in the proper procedures of the collection and storage of evidence. Whether preparing questions for depositions and cross-examinations, generating reports, or providing expert witness testimony, our engineers have proven an an indispensable benefit for cases that proceed to trial.

Our engineers have performed investigations ranging from small residential claims large industrial multiple death accidents. Some of the areas in which we have offered opinions concerned the following:

 • Residential slab and structural failures
 • Autmotive/RV fires
 • Residential fires
 • NEC code violation analysis
 • Incendiary fires (arson)
 • Industrial fires/explosions
 • Commercial building and restaurant fires
 • Equipment failures due to damage
 • Lightning damage
 • Appliance failures and related fires

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