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Pulp and Paper

R-S-H has a long and well-respected history as papermill engineers. Many of our clients rely on our employees as experts in all areas of pulping and papermaking processes. R-S-H has designed new mills from green-field through finished products and converting areas. We are recognized nationwide for our knowledge in wood handling areas, pulping operations, chemical preparation, bleach plants, woodyards, and chemical recovery processes. Extensive experience in recycle operations and waste handling gives us the knowledge to help you with the ever increasing requirements for pulp recovery. Our experiences in boiler optimization schemes, fuel optimizations, and turbine/generator optimizations have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for our clients. Additionally, our electrical engineers and programmers can help you achieve greater efficiency, reduced chemical usage, and increased uptime by optimizing instrumentation and controls, automating electrical load handling and shedding, and implementing proven control techniques. R-S-H's technical resources and expertise can help your pulp and paper employees perform at their best as they support your projects and maintenance turnarounds.

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